Author: Ron Graham


Daniel’s Hope
—Daniel 12:1-3

Daniel was able to interpret visions and dreams for the king. Yet because of his loyalty to God, he was thrown into a den of hungry lions. We have all heard of him surely. Three of his friends were, for the same reason, cast into a white hot furnace. The God of Daniel rescued Daniel from the lions; and his friends from the fire.

The attitude of Daniel and those like him was to let their captors do their worst. No matter what, Daniel and his brethren would obey the true God and refuse to worship the false gods of their captors.

Daniel himself tells us what supported his hope and courage; and what likewise can strengthen ours (Daniel 12:1-3).

1 Hope in Troubled Times

Daniel 12:1

Daniel was taken captive in his youth by Nebudchadnezzar's armies. Daniel was made an exile in Babylon —yet through these troubled times for him and his country he remained faithful to God who in turn gave Daniel help and hope.

2 Hope in the Face of Death

Daniel 12:2

Daniel was in a situation very similarto that in which Joseph had been long ago: because of his God-given powers to interpret dreams for kings, he was promoted to high places; yet on other occasions, because of his insistence on being faithful to God, he faced imprisonment and death. To understand this seeming contradiction, Daniel (like his friends) had to believe that God would rescue him even if he lost his life. (cf Daniel 3:17-18).

3 Hope in God's Word and Work

Daniel 12:3

Daniel was a man of great wisdom and insight because he allowed himself to be enlightened by God. With this light in him, he had hope as an anchor for his own soul and he set an example in word and deed that encouraged others to obey God.