Author: Ron Graham

Bible Authority

Was God’s Word Fully Revealed?
—We discuss latter day revelations

In this lesson we look at the question of whether God’s word was fully revealed in the time of the apostles.

Another way to ask this question, is whether the last word in the last of the New Testament writings completed all the revelation God intended the world to have. There have been several claims, mostly in more recent centuries, of “latter day” revelations. New prophets have arisen claiming to bring newly revealed words from God, additional to the revelation of the first century apostles of Christ.

The following ten passages from the New Testament establish the principle that the revelation of the apostles and prophets of the first century was the whole revelation of Christ, not a partial revelation which would be added to centuries later. For a while, in the first century, the apostles and prophets by their ministry were revealing the word of Christ part by part. However, that was a very temporary situation. It was not long before the revelation was a completed work (1Corinthians 13:9). The scriptures below show that the apostles regarded their work as providing a full and complete revelation in their own time.

God’s Revealed Word Completed