Author: Ron Graham

Training to Teach and Preach

List Outline Checklist
—Do it right, do it well

This checklist helps you ensure that your list outline is done properly.

checkbox GENERIC THEME —Does this narrow the broad topic to suggest a list?

checkbox SPECIFIC THEME —Did I look for key words and phrases?

checkbox WORKING TITLE —Does this nicely combine the two themes?

checkbox THE LIST —Does each item or point answer to the working title?

checkbox POINTS —Does each point have a clear relationship to the other points?

checkbox SIMPLICITY —Are my points parts of a whole, not whole lessons?

checkbox LESSON LENGTH —Do I have too many points for one lesson?

checkbox SPLITTING —Should I split the list into a series of lessons?

checkbox ORDER —Are my points arranged in the best logical order?

checkbox CLARITY —Can I indicate, state, and relate these points clearly?

checkbox TRANSITION —Can I move smoothly from one point to the next?

checkbox PROVING —Is each item able to be substantiated convincingly?

checkbox TIME —Will too many points require elaboration and illustration?

checkbox SUBSTITUTE TITLE —Is my working title too dull as a real title?

checkbox PURPOSE —Does the outline accomplish the purpose I had in mind?