Author: Ron Graham


The New Was In the Old
—A study in Romans

When a new act of parliament is passed into law, you expect to see some new provisions in it, some old regulations abolished, and substantial portions of the former act carried over into the new legislation. You might assume that God, likewise, when he was making a new covenant with men, would carry over into it a lot of the same provisions that were in the former covenant —some of the old is in the new. That, however, is not a good way to view the law of God.

Because of God's foreknowledge, God was able to determine what his final law would be, long before he gave any law to man. It is much better, therefore, to see foreshadowings and glimpses of the gospel in the former covenants and laws, rather than to see remnants of the former covenants in the gospel. Consider three points Paul makes in his letter to the Romans...

1 The old law was weak

2 The old law symbolized the new

3 Christ is the end of the old law