Author: Ron Graham

Training to Teach and Preach

Bible Reading Checklist
—Do it right, do it well

Public reading of the scripture is a regular practice in many churches. The person given this duty should take it very seriously and prepare for it well. This checklist will remind you of important points.

checkbox PRACTICE —Did I practice reading the passage aloud?

checkbox KEYWORDS —Did I look for key words and phrases?

checkbox STRESS —Did I underline the words to stress?

checkbox PAUSES —Did I put strokes to indicate pauses?

checkbox PRESENTATION —Am I neatly dressed and properly groomed?

checkbox ANNOUNCEMENT —Did I announce the place in natural order (book,chapter,verse)?

checkbox INTRODUCTION —Does the passage need a short introduction?

checkbox VOICE —Am I reading clearly in a natural well modulated voice?

checkbox DELIVERY —Am I reading slowly and without stumbles or stutters?

checkbox EXPRESSION —Am I speaking expressively and with feeling?

checkbox POSTURE —Am I standing naturally, not stiff or stooped?

checkbox HEAD —Is my head up, my Bible held at chest height?

checkbox EYES —Am I reading ahead of my lips so I can look at the audience?