Author: Ron Graham

Training to Teach and Preach

Public Prayer Checklist
—Do it right, do it well

Leading a congregation in prayer is a most important responsibility. When you are called upon to do it, you should try your utmost to do it right. This checklist helps you to lead an effective prayer.

checkbox PRESENTATION —Am I neatly dressed and properly groomed?

checkbox VOICE —Am I speaking clearly in a natural well modulated voice?

checkbox DELIVERY —Am I speaking without distracting stumbles and stutters?

checkbox ADDRESS —Do I address God in a respectful manner (Not "Hey God!")

checkbox WORDS —Am I using simple normal words (not archaic or churchy)?

checkbox PHRASES —Am I speaking meaningfully (not mere forms of words)?

checkbox INTENTION —Am I praying to God rather than preaching to people?

checkbox THANKSGIVING —Have I given thanks and praise to God?

checkbox SUPPLICATION —Have I made requests to God about specific needs?

checkbox CONTENT —Am I speaking "off the cuff" or prepared with a prayer list?

checkbox SCRIPTURE —Are scripture quotes apt, brief, and used in moderation?

checkbox EMOTION —Is my prayer earnest without "putting on" emotion?

checkbox PRIVACY —Am I careful not to mention private matters in public?

checkbox ENDING —Do I close with the expected " Jesus' name, Amen"?

checkbox HEART —Most important, am I praying sincerely from my heart?