Author: Ron Graham

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arrow Open Outreach (Open Doors)The lessons in this series show from the scriptures the method, techniques, and stages of converting a person to Christ.

arrow Opening The Opening (Outreach)Jesus sets us an example in his dealings with the woman at the well (John 4).

arrow Opposites Bible Opposites The Bible often presents us with a choice of two contrasting things that are poles apart. Each of the lessons in this series takes one such pair of opposites as its topic.

arrow Oracles, speak as the Three Things God’s Servant DoesIf you serve the Lord, I hope this Bible lesson will help your ministry to be true and fruitful.

arrow Oral revelation Scripture - The Main Way God SpeaksComparing the advantages of the written word over oral revelation.

arrow Ordain “Ordain” Defined Several technical or special words in the Bible are studied and explained in our glossary. This lesson provides a word family, definitions, Greek/Hebrew references, a scripture chain, comments, and links, related to “ordain”.

arrow Order The Ancient Order (Analysis of the Gospel)Have hope, be assured, be loyal. God has guaranteed eternal life, given full evidence, and made Christ our all in all.

arrow Order 1Timothy 5:1-25 Order in the ChurchWe begin to look at proper order in the church, which is the subject of the last two chapters of Paul’s first letter to Timothy.

arrow Ordinary Ordinary ProvidenceA lesson on the usual manner in which God's providence blesses our lives.

arrow Origin of universe Hebrews 11:1-4The Hebrew writer helps us to focus on the quality of the faith authored and perfected by Christ. We are simply reminded of several inspiring examples of Godly men and women in Old Testament times who believed in Christ and sought eternal life.

arrow Origin of church Simply ChristiansAll denominations have something which divides. A truly undenominational church has nothing but what God has given.

arrow Origin of life The Origin of Life on EarthThree puzzling questions about the origin of life are answered by three simple statements in Genesis 1.

arrow Other The Other MinistryGod gives some gift or some ministry to every Christian. Part of maturing as a Christian, is coming to recognize one’s gifts and using them for the glory of God

arrow Outline Galatians in outlineGalatians is a structured epistle consisting of four main sections separated by five appeals. This outline shows that structure.

arrow Outreach Outreach seriesThese lessons show from the scriptures the method, techniques, and stages of converting a person to Christ.

arrow Outlining Success in the PulpitA hyperlinked table of contents for the training series Success in the Pulpit. Learn how to prepare and present Bible lessons effectively.

arrow Outpouring of Spirit The Unbreakable SealEvery one who is a Christian has the Holy Spirit as the seal of God, and this is distinct from the miraculous gifts which were given only to some.

arrow Overseers Elders in AustraliaThis page is not a Bible study, but provides a detailed index to the series on elders and deacons.

arrow Own My Own Personal FaithAre you mistakenly relying upon your own personal do-it-yourself faith, made up of whatever seems true to you?

arrow Ox, muzzling of Timeless Principles (Old Testament)The Old Testament is valuable to Christians because of the timeless principles taught in the Old Testament scriptures.