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Chief pig killer

Title: Chief Pig Killer.

Medium: Oil on Linen.

Size: 47cm x 36cm (including frame).

Description: The chief's pig killer was given to the Dow family as a gift in recognition of their grandfather, Sali Robert Dow, being the custom chief of Batrarao Village, Nth Ambrym. Robert was taken as a boy of seven to Australia in the Kanaka trade, and never returned. His descendants did go back and Robert Dow Jnr., was given the title that was his by birth as chief. The chief pig killer has the red rooster head that shows his status.

Framing: Professionally framed.


Title: Hammer.

Medium: Watercolour.

Size: 61cm x 50cm (including frame).

Description: The stone hammers are still used today by the Kanaka descendents in Vanuatu. This one was used for cracking nuts, building huts and anything where a hammer is needed. The strong twine or cord holds the stone in the carved out hole of the timber handle.

Framing: Professionally framed under glass.

Kanaka Fence

Title: Kanaka Fence.

Medium: Watercolour (dry pigment).

Size: 58cm x 50cm (including frame)

Description: The Kanakas built the many rock walls/fences as they cleared the paddocks for the planting of the sugar cane. The fences even though showing the impact of time are still to be found around the Bundaberg district.

Framing: Professionally framed under glass.