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Bush Cross By Susanne Graham

Title: Bush Cross.

Medium: Pen and wash on archivial quality watercolour paper.

Size: 47cm x 60cm (including frame).

Description: Bush cross on the the road to Bung Yanda Aboriginal Settlement, Victoria.

The Aboriginal young people will point this cross out to you as you travel on the road into Bung Yanda. As you drive down Rules Road to the settlement they will say, "look at the cross!" It has been there for years. This painting is a reminder of this icon.

Framing: Professionally framed under glass.

Mount Feathertop Victoria By Susanne Graham

Title: Mount Feathertop Victoria.

Medium: Watercolour.

Size: 77cm x 60cm (including frame).

Description: Mt.Feathertop on Victoria's Great Dividing Range stood covered with snow after the summer fires of 2006. The new growth on the chared ground was just showing through. This was painted to remember the fires of that time and the vast area that they covered.

Framing: Professionally framed under glass.

Jessie and Pluto His and Hers

Title: Jessie and Pluto His and Hers.

Medium: Charcoal and watercolour.

Size: 96cm x 72cm (including frame).

Description: These two black dogs were being "dog sat" by Susanne. They were two of the most happy and contented dogs one could ever want to care for. They sat and played amongst the geraniums in the garden.

Pluto, the male dog, was smaller but the most dominate whilst, Jessie, the female dog, was larger but placid and allowed Pluto boss her around.

Framing: Professionally framed.