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Sketchbook Susanne Graham
Sketch By Susanne Graham


Lolly Pot

By Susanne Graham

Grandma’s lolly pot sits on her cupboard,
It has treats in there for special visitors.
Next to the lolly pot sit three egg cups,
We use them for our breakfast boiled eggs.
When we have eaten our eggs and toast,
Grandma sometimes lets us look in her lolly pot.
In there are the best treats that we like,
The lollies are so sweet and yummy.
I would be so good and eat my eggs,
Then I can have what’s in the lolly pot.

Sketch By Susanne Graham


Pigs on the Piano

By Susanne Graham

On the piano at Granny’s house is an old lamp,
Beside it are two golden vases and a gold bowl,
If I look really closely, I can see two small glass golden pigs.
They are ever so small, but I can see them there.
If I sit at the piano I can play a tune for them,
They might dance a jig or sing a song.
Granny’s pigs singing and dancing that would be grand.

Sketch By Susanne Graham

Granny’s Basket

by Susanne Graham

I will fill my basket up with love and kisses
And send it to my little granddaughter;
She will smile and feel happy
Knowing Granny loves her away across the seas.
Even though I cannot see her
She will know I am thinking of her
I have drawn my basket for her
So she will know Granny lives away across the seas.
I will put in some hugs and cuddles
And post them to my granddaughter;
That will make her feel warm in her heart
Knowing Granny loves her away across the seas.


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Beadwork and Art by Susanne Graham.
Indigenous Australian Aboriginal Artist

PO Box 897 Childers Queensland 4660 Australia


Copyright © Susanne Graham 2004

Website created and maintained by Ron Graham

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