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Sketchbook Susanne Graham
Sketch By Susanne Graham


The Superb Lyrebird

By Susanne Graham

I wonder why they called this bird a lyrebird?
Maybe because it is a liar.
It copies every sound around.
It copies the kookaburra and laughs like one.
It copies the chainsaw sound as it saws the logs.
It must be telling lies.
It sounds like a kookaburra,
It sounds like a chainsaw,
But it is not.
Can it make a sound that tells us it is a lyrebird?
A song of its own?
Oh, lyrebird why canít you be just you?

Sketch By Susanne Graham

Perfumed Red Roses

By Susanne Graham

The perfumed red roses in my garden send me into such a supercolour-petalstinka-exquisitic spin.
Now try to imagine that smell
If you can say that "super colour petal stinka exquisitic" sound
Then you can imagine the exquisite simply superb
perfume of my red roses.
How clever,
How simply amazing you are my dear grandchild.
God bless you
And may you grow as exquisite and simply superb as my red roses.

Sketch By Susanne Graham


by Susanne Graham

Listen to the seashells my dear ones,
Hold them to your ear.
Hear the sea singing telling you it is near.
God has placed the sound there for you to listen to.
Remember He has made the sea,
And He is very near.
Thank Him for your blessings
And this one too...
Oh listen to the seashells for God is very near.
He is listening to you.
So don't forget to pray,
For God is very near.


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Beadwork and Art by Susanne Graham.
Indigenous Australian Aboriginal Artist

PO Box 897 Childers Queensland 4660 Australia


Copyright © Susanne Graham 2004

Website created and maintained by Ron Graham

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