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Childers Church of Christ
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Childers Church of Christ is an important part of the history of Childers in Queensland Australia. A memorial in Childers recognizes the contribution that the church made to the Childers community in days gone by. The members of that church are not without descendants who reside along the Fraser Coast today and still hold fast to what that church taught and practised.

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Childers is a charming, thriving, historic town at the southern edge of sub-tropical Central Queensland. The town is set on a high ridge where two highways run together. Childers is within 40 minutes drive of Bundaberg to the north. It is a similar distance from the cities of Maryborough and Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast. Also a short drive away by car, are several villages, mountain ranges, beautiful long sandy beaches like Woodgate, wide rivers, and several national parks associated with these features. Childers itself has an attractive main street lined with heritage buildings and its famous leopard trees.

Several museums display various aspects of the towns culture and history. Childers features a main street memorial to the Kanakers who were brought from Vanuatu and other Pacific islands to labor in the sugar cane fields. Not far from town there is a memorial to missionary Thompson on the site of the chapel where Kanakers worshipped as a church of Christ.

The rolling farmlands surrounding Childers make a fine patchwork of fields, producing nuts, tomatoes, and a great amount of sugar cane, stretching to the blue rugged mountains on the horizon. Sugar cane tramlines criss cross the land, and trams of as many as seventy carriages take the harvested cane to the sugar mill several kilometres from Childers. The soil of Childers is a rich red volcanic loam. Its red pigment tends to tint anything light of color, giving rise to the term "Childers White".


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