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Author: Ron Graham

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How to Contact Us

On this page you will find a guide to contacting and its author. There are other pages with contact information for Bairnsdale and for Bundaberg churches of Christ.

1 Please Do Not Send These...

Please note that this website does not answer requests for money, Bibles, tracts, food, clothing, medicines, missionary visits, etc. I understand that such needs exist, and that many such requests are genuine. But I have no resources to supply such needs, nor am I able to redirect requests to churches or organizations who might have resources. Please do not send emails or letters of the kind described above. Especially, do not waste your precious resources by mailing me pictures of yourself, people being baptized, people sitting in worship places, etc. Put that money toward your needs. Please understand that this is a Bible study website and is unable to offer any other service.

I also get emails asking questions that are directly answered in the website. The first thing you should do, is enter your question into SiBi the automatic clerk (available on every page including this one), and see if a useful list of lessons is given you. Read the most likely lessons. If you cannot find a good answer, then by all means email me.

2 To email us

 Boomerang:  When you email, please type "boomerang" into the subject field or supply a recognizable subject such as "Bible query to Ron" or "Thanks for simplybible". Emails with no subject or vague subjects like "Hi" or "Thanks" may be mistaken for spam and be trashed. So do type something specific into the subject field. It really helps.


Please protect me from spam. Do not forward this address by email or publish it on the internet.

3 Post Office mail

You can write to us on paper. We have a secure locked box at the Post Office and normally collect mail daily. Our mailing address is...

Church of Christ,
P.O. Box 897,
Childers, Qld, 4660,

 Air Mail  If you are writing from overseas, please use AIR MAIL. If Australia is a long way from you, surface mail could take weeks to arrive here. On the other hand, airmail arrives within a week, often in a couple of days.

4 Privacy policy

When you write or email Simply Christians Bible Study, you are writing to me personally, not to an office or an organisation. When I email you, it is to you personally, not to a list, and your name and email address is not passed to others. I may ask one or two trusted persons to help me answer your mail, if I am pressed, in which case they are committed to absolute confidentiality. Anything you send to me will be treated strictly as a private communication.

This of course does not apply if you leave a comment or message on social media. There is no guarantee that you will have privacy on social media.

Before writing to enquire about copyright terms, please read the copyright conditions page, which explains how you can freely use the material on —you will probably find that you have permission to use the material without needing to ask. For more about copyright terms, conditions, and permissions, please read THE COPYRIGHT PAGE.

Free-will gifts do help, and are appreciated, although please understand that you are not obliged to give. For information and an opportunity to give if you so choose, please go to THE DONATIONS PAGE.

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