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Author: Ron Graham


—Understanding the blessing

Here's a list of lessons written at different times over the years, and now collected into a series that provides a deeper understanding of the basic theme and purpose of the gospel, namely the forgiveness of sins. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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Unlimited ForgivenessA Bible study about whether God would ever refuse to forgive one who repents and comes to him through Christ.

Unreserved ForgivenessWhat reservations should we have about forgiving wrongs? Let s examine some common reservations.

The Unforgivable SinThe Bible speaks of a sin never forgiven, but not of an unforgivable sin.

Blasphemy Against the Holy SpiritA lesson about the so-called unforgivable sin.

If God RefusedDiscusses why God cannot refuse anyone who repents and seeks forgiveness.

Three Kinds of SinnersA Bible lesson that differentiates sinners into three types. Which kind are you?

What Forgiveness Takes AwayThis lesson helps you to understand forgiveness from God.

Forgiveness and the Lord’s SupperDiscusses whether the purpose of the Lord’s Supper is to receive forgiveness of sins like baptism.

If We Confess Our Sinsabout the confession of sin and full forgiveness. The promise of forgiveness comes with a commandment. The commandment comes with a problem. The problem comes with a solution. Lesson includes notes on the perfection of Christ.

Saying Sorry13th February 2008 was an historic day when the Australian Parliament said sorry to the nation's aboriginal people.

Baptism and the Greek Word “eis”An uncomplicated study of the argument about the Greek word εις —does it mean “in order to receive” or “because you have received” in Acts 2:38?

When Are Sins Washed Away?This lesson faces the question, When are sins washed away? In the process of conversion, at what point is one forgiven? We consider what Ananias said in Acts 22:16.

Forgiveness in Old Testament TimesA study of forgiveness in Old Testament times up till Jesus died. On what basis were people then forgiven?

Adam’s PredicamentIn this lesson we consider the nature of Adam’s sin, condemnation, and forgiveness. At first sight Adam’s fall from grace seems straightforward to understand. Yet people have very different views of it. I hope this lesson will clarify the nature and consequences of Adam’s error and his hope of forgiveness.

Jesus Took Our PlaceWhy did Jesus die on the cross erected at Calvary? Here's why: Christ, whose life was perfect, took your place, since your life was not perfect. Jesus died one time only to take away your sins in order to bring you to God.(1Peter 3:18)

The Apostles’ Power to ForgiveIn John 20:19-23 Jesus says to his apostles, 'If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained'. In what way was Jesus making the apostles responsible for the forgiveness of people’s sins?


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