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Author: Ron Graham

Jesus Changed My Heart

Jesus Changed My Heart
—A wonderful change!

These lessons are about how wonderfully, radically, and positively Jesus changes our hearts and lives. There are also two trusty (not rusty) old sermons as a bonus. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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Jesus Made Me Honest With Myself

The Self-Demeaning HeartOur self image must be a true one, and Jesus makes us honest with ourselves. You should not demean yourself. There is no doubt that you can achieve God’s purpose for you —to be his heir and inherit eternal life in his heavenly city.

The Self-Deceiving HeartWe have seen that Jesus, if you are one of his followers, gives you a true self image, and imparts to you a self worth and destiny beyond your wildest expectations. Unfortunately most of us don't reckon our own personal potential in those terms. Thus we lead fruitless lives empty of true purpose.

The Self-Destructive HeartWe have thought about how a true self image is ruined by a self-demeaning and self-deceiving heart. Now we take it right down to the wire as we finish our first trilogy, “Jesus made me honest with myself”.

Jesus Made Me Understand My Life

The Self-Centered HeartWe are taught by the example of Jesus to think of ourselves as servants of others and to put their interests above our own. We are not at the center: others are. This may surprise you, because it is the lost secret of a happy life.

The Short-sighted HeartJesus Christ lifts our mental horizon to seek the things which are above. When we are spiritually able to see beyond this world, our heart can be set upon God's eternal purpose for us.

The Sleeping, Stupid Heart God’s word urges us to wake up to ourselves. Yet many of us go through day after day unmindful of God’s purpose for us and his coming judgment upon us. To live like that is plainly stupid.

Jesus Healed Me of All My Hurts

The Sad and Shattered HeartLife in this world can be a sad and shattering experience. Jesus helps us to understand our troubles and problems, and to get through them.

The Superstitious HeartThe answer to the longing of your soul is found not in superstition, or the power of darkness, but in Jesus Christ the true God and in the power of his gospel.

The Scared and Shaking HeartWe've considered how Jesus can mend the heart shattered by sufferings, and help the heart polluted by superstition. Now we see how Jesus comforts the heart plagued with fear of God's wrath.

Jesus Forgave Me of All My Sins

The Set and Stubborn HeartWhy let your stubborn will stop you turning to your Heavenly Father for forgiveness of your sins? Invite him into your heart and do as he says.

The Saved and Surrendered HeartSo far we have spoken of things done in the heart: believing and repenting. One would expect these deeds of the heart to be expressed by appropriate deeds in the body. And that's exactly what we do find.

The Sealed and Sanctified HeartThis final lesson in the Jesus Changed My Heart series, shows that God has confirmed his promise to all his heirs by an oath and by a seal. So there are three distinct actions of God that can empower you.


Is There No Balm in Gilead? There is a balm in Gilead. Why do people not come to the heavenly physician for spiritual healing? Three possible reasons.

Sowing and Reaping A lesson on the theme of seedtime and harvest. What is happening to us now, is the harvest of thoughts and actions previously sown as seed.

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