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Author: Ron Graham


First Epistle of Peter
—God treats us right

These lessons provide a comprehensive study of the first letter of Peter, showing how God treats us right and makes us right. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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INDEX 1st PeterThis series has its own index. A comprehensive hyperlinked table of contents for all the lesson titles below.

God Treats Us Right (1)God has chosen us by his foreknowledge (1Peter 1:1-2). The sanctifying work of the Spirit (1Peter 1:2,10-12). Sprinkling with the blood of Christ (1Peter 1:2).

God Treats Us Right (2)God has Given us grace and peace in the fullest measure (1Peter 1:2). Caused us to be born again (1Peter 1:3). Reserved an inheritance in heaven for us (1Peter 1:4). Protects us by his power (1Peter 1:5).

Our Right Response to God (1)We hold a living hope (1Peter 1:3). We hold a genuine faith (1Peter 1:7-9). We have a joy inexpressible (1Peter 1:6,8).

Our Right Response to God (2)We render a Godfearing obedience (1Peter 1:13-17). We hold a sincere love (1Peter 1:22). We have a childlike hunger (1Peter 2:1-3). We are built up as a holy priesthood (1Peter 2:5).

Our Right Self Image (1)We are rich beyond measure (1Peter 1:7). We are people of action (1Peter 1:13-17). We are among the immortals (1Peter 1:23-25).

Our Right Self Image (2)We are a holy and royal priesthood (1Peter 2:5,9), and God’s chosen people (1Peter 2:9-10), Sojourners in this world (1Peter 2:11), Free persons bound only by God (1Peter 2:16).

Our Right Set of Values (1)Value the precious promises (1Peter 1:4). Value our precious faith (1Peter 1:7). Value the precious blood (1Peter 1:19).

Our Right Set of Values (2)Value the “Precious Stone” (1Peter 2:6-7). Value a quiet spirit (1Peter 3:4). Value gifts for ministry (1Peter 4:10). Value the marvelous light (1Peter 2:9).

Our Right World View (1)The Great Things are Unseen (1Peter 1:7-9). This World is Passing Away (1Peter 1:23-25). God is Above all Kings (1Peter 2:13-15).

Our Right World View (2)Peace and justice are high pursuits (1Peter 3:8-12). Human life is in God’s will (1Peter 4:2-6). Suffering is part of life (1Peter 4:12-19). As a lion Satan prowls the world (1Peter 5:8-11).

Our Right Mental Attitude (1)God blesses me in the fullest measure (1Peter 1:2). My God is strong, His word abides forever (1Peter 1:25). I have returned to my Shepherd (1Peter 2:25).

Our Right Mental Attitude (2)I have nothing to fear (1Peter 3:13-14). I've got the right answers (1Peter 3:15). I've a good conscience toward god (1Peter 3:21). The Spirit of Glory rests on me (1Peter 4:14).


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