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Author: Ron Graham


First Epistle of Peter
—God treats us right

These lessons provide a comprehensive study of the first letter of Peter, showing how God treats us right and makes us right. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

INDEX 1st PeterThis series has its own index. A comprehensive hyperlinked table of contents for all the lesson titles below.

God Treats Us Right (1)God has chosen us by his foreknowledge (1Peter 1:1-2). The sanctifying work of the Spirit (1Peter 1:2,10-12). Sprinkling with the blood of Christ (1Peter 1:2).

God Treats Us Right (2)God has Given us grace and peace in the fullest measure (1Peter 1:2). Caused us to be born again (1Peter 1:3). Reserved an inheritance in heaven for us (1Peter 1:4). Protects us by his power (1Peter 1:5).

Our Right Response to God (1)We hold a living hope (1Peter 1:3). We hold a genuine faith (1Peter 1:7-9). We have a joy inexpressible (1Peter 1:6,8).

Our Right Response to God (2)We render a Godfearing obedience (1Peter 1:13-17). We hold a sincere love (1Peter 1:22). We have a childlike hunger (1Peter 2:1-3). We are built up as a holy priesthood (1Peter 2:5).

Our Right Self Image (1)We are rich beyond measure (1Peter 1:7). We are people of action (1Peter 1:13-17). We are among the immortals (1Peter 1:23-25).

Our Right Self Image (2)We are a holy and royal priesthood (1Peter 2:5,9), and God’s chosen people (1Peter 2:9-10), Sojourners in this world (1Peter 2:11), Free persons bound only by God (1Peter 2:16).

Our Right Set of Values (1)Value the precious promises (1Peter 1:4). Value our precious faith (1Peter 1:7). Value the precious blood (1Peter 1:19).

Our Right Set of Values (2)Value the “Precious Stone” (1Peter 2:6-7). Value a quiet spirit (1Peter 3:4). Value gifts for ministry (1Peter 4:10). Value the marvelous light (1Peter 2:9).

Our Right World View (1)The Great Things are Unseen (1Peter 1:7-9). This World is Passing Away (1Peter 1:23-25). God is Above all Kings (1Peter 2:13-15).

Our Right World View (2)Peace and justice are high pursuits (1Peter 3:8-12). Human life is in God’s will (1Peter 4:2-6). Suffering is part of life (1Peter 4:12-19). As a lion Satan prowls the world (1Peter 5:8-11).

Our Right Mental Attitude (1)God blesses me in the fullest measure (1Peter 1:2). My God is strong, His word abides forever (1Peter 1:25). I have returned to my Shepherd (1Peter 2:25).

Our Right Mental Attitude (2)I have nothing to fear (1Peter 3:13-14). I've got the right answers (1Peter 3:15). I've a good conscience toward god (1Peter 3:21). The Spirit of Glory rests on me (1Peter 4:14).

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