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Author: Ron Graham

Sin and Legalism

Sin and Legalism
—Insights into dealing with sin

These lessons provide an insight into the nature of sin and how sin ought to be dealt with, while at the same time drawing attention to errors of legalism and liberalism. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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The Seriousness of Sin The Bible is not legalistic, but it does take sin seriously. We look at the basic facts on which the doctrine of sin is built.

Four Kinds of Sin About four kinds of sin. These are sins of attitude, action, neglect, and intent.

Sinning in IgnoranceIf you do something wrong thinking it right, or something right thinking it wrong, are you guilty?

Nurturing GuiltMany false religions are guilt-driven. The priests or clergy cultivate guilt in their adherents who become dependent upon, and obligated to, the priests.

Correcting Sin in OthersIn this lesson we outline the proper procedure for correcting sin in others with neither laxity nor cultish fanaticism.

Sin or Not Sin?Examines the question of whether a thing can be sinful in one case, yet right in another case.

Liberty in ChristAll liberty is precious, but political and physical freedom, is of the second order. Spiritual freedom is transcendent.

Sin and GraceAbout understanding God's grace when dealing with the problems and habits of sin.

Love Covers a Multitude of SinsThis lesson tries to help us better understand Peter's statement that love covers a multitude of sins.

A Woman Caught in AdulteryA look at injustice and hypocrisy in the account of a woman caught in adultery (John 8).

Is the Flesh Evil?Discusses the idea that the flesh is evil and whether the Bible teaches this.

God Is Not Our TempterAn outline on James 1:13 and various Bible narratives about temptation.

How God Helps Us in TemptationInstead of feeling rejected or guilty when we are tempted, we can feel closer to God since he knows how to rescue the godly out of temptation and he is a very present help in trouble.

What We've Opposed

In this series, we have attacked legalism in the form of...

  • authoritarian leadership,
  • spiritual manipulation,
  • intimidation,
  • regimentation,
  • excessive discipline
  • the burden of man-made rules
  • the nurturing of guilt.

We have not attacked responsible leadership that encourages considerate behaviour, appropriate to prevailing problems and ignorance. We have not attacked the nurturing of that holiness of life which grace demands.


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