Author: Ron Graham

Soul Journeys

Journeys of the Soul
—Index for the series

A series of lessons about the human soul. The core lessons deal with the states, journeys, and portals of your soul. These core lessons refer to my soul diagram which gives visual structure to the concepts. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

arrow CHART DiagramA strange looking diagram of most mysterious things. A spiritual map of the states, journeys, and portals of your soul.

Core lessons on the soul’s journeys

arrow States of the SoulThere are seven possible states in which a soul can exist. The first three are changeable states in this world. The other four states are unchangeable and out of this world.

arrow Beware Which Gate You EnterThere are six gateways or portals for your soul. When a soul journeys from one state to another, it passes through one of these gateways. Each portal is a very significant event. You have no choice but to go through three of these gates. Two other gates you should choose not to enter. If you foolishly enter by those gates, the sixth gate is your only way of escape.

arrow Journeys by the SoulOutlines the twelve possible journeys by the human soul. This chart provides you with a simple introductory study which you can then follow up using the links to more detailed lessons.

arrow Three Deaths of the SoulWhen we speak of death we are usually thinking of the death of the physical body. However, there are also three spiritual deaths. Two are bad and one is good

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Paths of Grace Trilogy

arrow The Perfect Path1st of a trilogy. We trace the ideal path that the soul should take. God has provided this path out of his kindness, goodness, and love.

arrow The Path Jesus Walked2nd of a trilogy. One special human being walked the ideal path, the perfect path that every soul should take. Jesus set us an example in the path he followed.

arrow Righteous Steps3rd of trilogy. We examine the steps on that path that leads to eternal life. Each step involves something that we should have done, and would have done, had we walked the perfect path. These steps are therefore also essential in the corrective path of conversion.

Supplementary lessons on the soul

arrow Abortion —What Does the Bible Say?We look at three of the questions or issues that underly a Christian's attitute to abortion, including abortion immediately after conception.

arrow Is the spirit breath?A false idea about the human soul —that the spirit is breath.

arrow Is the mind the brain?Another false idea about the soul of man —the human mind and soul is the fleshly brain.

arrow Is the spirit in God’s image?A true idea about the human soul —man’s spirit is made in the image of God.

arrow Is the soul immortal?Another true idea about the spirit or soul of man —it is not subject to physical death.

arrow Accountability to GodAbout that stage in life when one becomes answerable to God.

arrow The Two Natures of ManMan is a combination of two natures, not one, not three.

arrow Body and SoulA human being is essentially two things —a body and a soul. There is a most intimate connection between the two.

arrow Body and SpiritThere is an idea held by some, and rooted in ancient gnosticism, that our fleshly bodies do not receive the same salvation as do our spirits.

arrow Spirit and Soul - DifferenceYou may have wondered whether the words spirit and soul are two words for the same thing, or two different parts of man.

arrow Resurrection of the DeadWe examine certain Bible passages that refer to the raising of the dead at the second coming of Jesus Christ. We note the teaching of Daniel, Jesus, and John.

arrow Paul’s Doctrine of ResurrectionWe examine the points made by Paul in his teaching about the raising of the dead at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

arrow Inner BeingToday many people are seeing life as a spiritual Path and a Quest —a walk to higher ground transcending this temporal realm. We consider the needs of our inner being for that journey.

arrow Returning to DustConsiders the relationship between sin and physical death, and whether life on earth was meant to be forever.