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Author: Ron Graham

Seven Influences

Seven Good Influences
—Motivating obedience

These seven lessons examine the good influences that motivate us to obey God, and show how we can either cause them to fail, or nurture and strengthen them. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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The Influence of SocietyOur social environment is the first influence which affects us. Soon after birth, we began to relate to people around us.

The Influence of ConscienceThe conscience is that faculty of human nature which knows to refuse evil and choose good.

The Influence of IntellectGod has given us intellect so that our faith and obedience to him might be that of intelligent choice.

The Influence of FaithIf we truly believe a promise of God, then faith influences and motivates us to obey God.

The Influence of HopeIf life is hopeless in our eyes we have nothing to encourage us and keep us going.

The Influence of FearThe Hebrew writer uses fear, among other things, to motivate Christians to keep obeying God.

The Influence of LoveThe Christian walk, our living in obedience to God, is a pathway paved with a special kind of love.


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