Author: Ron Graham

True Church

Search for the True Church
—Rediscover and restore

A collection of lessons. Denominationalism is in conflict with Christ's true church. All congregations professing Christ should rediscover that church and restore themselves to it forsaking all else. Touch any title next to an arrow in the list below.

arrow I Will Build My Church Each and every word in the statement I will build my church marks something of very great importance.

arrow What is the Church?We try to understand what the church is. One important point is that the church is not a denomination and it's not like ice cream.

arrow Can We See What Jesus Built? Jesus built his church and it is a visible church in the world today.

arrow Will Any Religion Do? (Mud is Not Chocolate) —How many religions should we regard as good and true? Is there only one, a few, or a great many?

arrow What Went Wrong?In 2000 years Christianity has gone down hill. The history books bulge with tales of heresy and scandal. Why?

arrow Simply ChristiansAll denominations have something which divides. A truly undenominational church has nothing but what God has given.

arrow How to Find Christ's ChurchThere is a simple common-sense way to find the true church. They call it the process of elimination.

arrow The Church Jesus BoughtWhat is the most precious material and physical thing that has ever been in this world?

arrow The Visible ChurchRefuting the notion of an invisible church. This notion has no scriptural basis and doesn't even make sense.

arrow What is the Church Made of?The genuine church will be made of the right stuff.

arrow The Church Over 2000 YearsCHART Depicts the church through the centuries since its establishment. This old chart has been in my notebook for many years. I'd like to share it with you.

arrow Beginning at JerusalemCHART When, where, how, and why did Christianity begin, and who were the first Christians?

arrow Who is a Christian?What makes a person truly a Christian? Find out from the scriptures.

arrow What the Church is NotYou can get a better understanding of what something is, by being aware of what it is not. To better understand what the church is, let's consider what it is not.

arrow New CartsWhen David rescued the ark of the covenant, he transported it in a new cart instead of the hands of the priests. Uzzah lost his life but David learned a lesson. So can we.

arrow The Lord’s Supper, Anywhere, Anytime?Some say that the Lord’s Supper can be shared anywhere at anytime, and the assembly for the Lord’s Supper on the first day of the week is just a Church of Christ tradition without real support in scripture. Is that true?

arrow Why Worship Together on Sunday?There is a school of thought, which currently has a loud voice, denying any authority or pattern for the assembly of Christians on the first day of the week, for five acts of worship. We look at 1Corinthians.

ico The Ancient Order

—Analysing the gospel of the first century. We summarise six elements under three headings each, with three points under each heading. We give key scripture references on each point. This makes a useful resource for systematic study. Each page consists of a compact chart, plus a list of relevant lessons that develop the topics. Touch the button title to go to that index.


ico You Tube Videos

—There are several video clips on the simplybible YouTube channel that are relevant to the “Search for the True Church” series. There are buttons to activate each video, and a synopsis for each. Touch the button title to go to that  listing.

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