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Author: Ron Graham


Tulip, the Five Points of Calvinism
—A refutation

A series of studies, addressing and refuting Calvinism. The initial lessons follow the useful TULIP acrostic that many Calvinists employ to set out the five main principles. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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CHART Tulip Chart An overview introducing the Bible study series refuting the five points of Calvinism.

T ~Total Depravity This lesson examines human nature, and the mechanism by which sin and death spread to all. Is it by heredity or by contagion?

U ~Unconditional ElectionHas God unconditionally chosen or elected some people for eternal life, whilst passing others by?

L ~Limited AtonementThe question uppermost in our mind, when we consider the doctrine of "Limited Atonement" is this: Did Jesus die for some and not for others?

I  ~Irresistable GraceCan anyone resist the grace of God? This Bible study answers that question as it relates to human nature and God's will.

P ~Perseverance of the SaintsCan a saved person cease to be saved and become lost again? The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints says No. Is that right or wrong?

Supplementary lessons

Sweet Will of GodGod has willed that all obey his decrees, that all repent of sin, that Christ die for all.

Do We Already Have Eternal Life?Christians already have been given eternal life, however it has not yet begun. We explain.

Lest Anyone Should BoastA look at the principle that salvation is by grace, not of works lest anyone should boast.

Can You Reject Destiny?A lesson about predestination and rejecting God's will and purpose.

God a Righteous JudgeBible lesson about God as Judge. Points out some contradictory statements in the Westminster Confession.

If Jesus Prays for Your Salvation...Lesson addressing the following argument: Jesus prays for our salvation. His prayer cannot fail. Therefore we cannot lose our salvation.

The Possibility of Apostasy...Examines the doctrine of Infallible Grace, Impossibility of Apostasy, Perseverance of the Saints, Eternal Security, Once Saved Always Saved.

Hearts Open, Hearts ClosedCan anyone resist the grace of God? This Bible study answers that question as it relates to human nature and God’s will.

God Has a Purpose - Do We Have a Choice?God has always tried to demonstrate to humanity that his purpose never changes. He has also left every person the choice whether to follow his purpose or reject it. That is no contradiction. Bible examples show this.

Does John 10:28 Allow Sin?Jesus said that he gives eternal life to his sheep and they shall never perish, nor will anyone snatch them from his hand (John 10:28). Does this guarantee eternal life regardless of conduct?

Sheep and Goats - Matthew 25:31-46In this lesson we look at the parable and prophecy of the sheep and goats. The narrative clearly implies that the way people choose to think and act in this world determines where they will spend eternity.


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