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Maryborough church of Christ
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This page provides information about Maryborough church of Christ in Queensland.

Churches of Christ (Romans 16:16) are independent congregations having no connection with any religious organisation. Rather, their members are happy to be simply Christians, following the Bible and only the Bible. There were churches of Christ long before any of today's confusing array of denominations and sects existed. That was in the first century. This is the twenty-first century, and such churches still exist in great numbers around the world. One of them is the church of Christ which meets in the Tinana CWA Hall in Maryborough Queensland.

1 Maryborough Meeting Place and Times

The church of Christ in Maryborough meets at:

Meeting Times are:

2 Membership

The church has fewer than 20 members. They are baptized believers in Christ following the scriptures as their only creed, and not affiliated with any denomination. They are simply Christians.

3 Mailing Address and Phone

Church of Christ,
P.O. Box 864,
Maryborough, Qld, 4650,

Phone G Hanley (07) 4194 0791.

4 Maryborough and Environs

Maryborough is one of Queensland's oldest provincial cities, settled in 1847. Today it has a population of well over 20,000. The city is 255km (three hours by the Bruce Highway) north of Brisbane. Maryborough is by the Mary River. It's neighbouring city is Hervey Bay, about 30km away. Maryborough belongs to the subtropical region known as Fraser Coast, famous for K'gari Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island, and part of the Great Sandy National Park.


Whilst the church described on this page lends its name to this website, and encourages it along with several other Australian churches, there may be some matters addressed on this website concerning which there are differences of opinion, or of interpretation. Some members and ministers of the church may hold a differing view. In churches of Christ the Bible is the final authority, not any particular preacher. It is a healthy sign in the churches that all doctrines and practices are subject to review in the light of God’s word.

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