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Author: Ron Graham

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—former alternative mobile phone site

In the first few years of mobile access to the internet, was not practically accessible to mobile phones. Their access to the internet was quite limited. So we ran a special site as, but that site is now closed. (Aptja stood for "All Praise To Jesus Amen").

Mobile devices now have full access to because we have been upgrading the site to be 100% mobile friendly. This includes small notebooks, Android tablets, ipads, kindles, right down to the smaller smart phones.

On we do not make separate pages for mobile and desktop computers. Rather, the same page is seen on all devices. Our pages are able to rearrange themselves to suit screen size. Except in rare instances, mobile devices display the entire page, not a cut down version. The page is seen in a vertical scrolling format to suit the screen’s width.

Today, access to by mobile devices often exceeds that of desktop computers. The number of people with mobile phone access to the internet is now phenomenal and growing by the millions in leaps and bounds.


Webservant Ron Graham

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