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This page keeps frequent visitors informed of the most recent additions and changes to and the simplybible YouTube channel. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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❖ OCT 2019, A major upgrade for this website is now complete. It has hundreds of new links and crossreferences, improved page loading speed, and a fully revised style sheet to control display.

OCT 2019, (YouTube) Why Be Religious (1) Five Facts About DeathHalf hour video. In this lesson, we look at a single Bible verse "It is appointed for men once to die, and after this the judgment" (Hebrews 9:27) which tells us five facts about death... Knowing these facts helps us understand and prepare for death. We break this text up into five portions, each of which implies a certain fact about death.

OCT 2019, (YouTube) Wonderful Words (6) PredestinationHalf hour video. The Bible teaches that God has chosen some people to be saved, and these elect cannot, in that state, possibly be lost. People who choose to be in that elect state and remain so, are certainly predestined to salvation and eternal life, because they obey God and yield to God’s will.

OCT 2019, (YouTube) Wonderful Words (5) RedemptionHalf hour video. In this lesson, we are thinking about redemption. This is the Bible word for what God demanded in order to save us —the payment of a price. In this lesson, we consider why a price had to be paid, why we couldn't pay it ourselves, and how Jesus paid it for us.

OCT 2019, Ron’s ReportRon Graham’s ministry report for the 3rd quarter (Jul-Aug-Sep) 2019 is now available online. It includes the quarter’s statistics for the website.

SEP 2019, What if They'd said No?The story in Acts 22, of Saul’s conversion to become the apostle Paul, shows a chain of command: God to Jesus, Jesus to Ananias, Ananias to Saul. All three men obeyed the directives given them. We ask, What if they had not?

SEP 2019, The Greatest Question EverIt is no exaggeration to say that that the greatest question ever asked is, “What must I do to be saved?” We must ask what God would have us do. Nothing we do on our own initiative, without God's commandment, will be effective.

SEP 2019, (YouTube) Wonderful Words (4) ReconciliationHalf hour video. This video is the fourth of six in a series called Wonderful Words, explaining special words in the Bible. This lesson considers reconciliation or atonement. Because of sin and our own fault, we became separated, alienated, estranged from God. We became enemies at war with God. Jesus offered himself and shed his blood as a sacrifice so we could find mercy from God and come back home to him.

SEP 2019, (YouTube) Wonderful Words (3) SanctificationHalf hour video. This video is the third of six in a series called Wonderful Words, explaining special words in the Bible. This lesson considers the Bible words sanctify, sanctification, and saint. We show how sanctification is connected to purification, and we are sanctified when our sins are forgiven. Sanctification is not a later second blessing. While purification is our main focus, we also briefly consider other marks of the saints (sanctified or holy people).

AUG 2019, (YouTube) Wonderful Words (2) JustificationHalf hour video. This lesson is the second of six in a series called Wonderful Words, explaining special words in the Bible. The good man Cornelius is an example of a righteous man who was not saved and needed to be justified. In this lesson about justification, we talk about sufficient righteousness, sufficient sacrifice, sufficient suffering, and sufficient commitment.

AUG 2019, (YouTube) Wonderful Words (1) SalvationHalf hour video. This lesson is the first of six in a series called Wonderful Words, explaining special words in the Bible.

AUG 2019, Why Do You Call Me Lord?When Jesus was preaching, he asked this revealing question of his audience: "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, yet don't do what I say?" (Luke 6:46). Apparently there were people who paid “lipservice” to Jesus but did not obey him.

AUG 2019, The Part and the PerfectSpecial spiritual gifts were given to the early church until the complete revelation from Christ was written down in the inspired writings of the New Testament. In our lesson below, we take careful note of how Paul speaks of spiritual gifts as being “in part” and looks forward to the revelation being “complete” or “perfect”.

JUL 2019 Jat blong Ol Buk long Baebol Hemia wan jat we i soemaot ol nem blong ol buk long Baebol. Mo tu, jat ya i telemaot smol samting lomgsaed blong wanwan buk ya.

JUN 2019, Spirit and MatterThe Bible makes a sharp distinction between spirit and matter. Matter is bound to time, and spirit is bound to eternity. Spirit and matter are mysteriously connected, but one does not originate from the other. Both spirit and matter originate from God.

MAY 2019, When is a Good Memory a Bad Thing?In Philippians 3:13, Paul says, "Forgetting the things which are behind, and reaching forward to those which are ahead, I press toward the goal..." In this lesson we ask what things should we forget and leave behind? When is it a bad thing to have a good memory?

MAY 2019, (YouTube) The Great Day of GodHalf hour video. This lesson in the book of Revelation deals with two great days, three short times, the battle, the second death, the first resurrection, the throne and books, the city and crowns, and two invitations.

APR 2019, (YouTube) The Dragon’s FriendsHalf hour video. Following our study of the Dragon in the book of Revelation, we now consider the Dragon’s three friends: the Beast, the False Prophet, and the Abominable Woman. In this lesson we study the meaning of these three signs in the visions John received and saw.

APR 2019, Bible Quiz Page ~30 Questions Here's a new Bible study quiz page. The Bible questions are not trivia. Rather they help you to learn the message of the scripture.

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