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This page keeps frequent visitors informed of the most recent additions and changes to and a little about current projects on which the webservant is working.

MAR 2019, Why Walk a Narrow Road?Lesson on Matthew 7:13-14. Why enter by the narrow gate and walk the difficult path that few follow? Why not rather follow the crowds and take the easy road?

MAR 2019, Aspirational ChristiansThe aspirations of Christians are also expectations. We truly believe that we will achieve them without a doubt. God has provided the resources for us to meet the challenges and succeed in our aspirations. This lesson looks at three of the top goals of the “aspirational Christian”.

MAR 2019, Quiz on John 1:1-34Here's a Bible study quiz on John chapter 1, the first 34 verses. The Bible questions are not trivia. Rather they help you to learn the message of the scripture. There are 26 questions in this quiz. These questions have also been added to Quiz Master

MAR 2019, Grace and WrathRomans 5:8-9. Sinners are saved by God’s love, saved from God’s wrath, but what makes this salvation possible? A sacrifice of blood: the blood of Christ who died for sinners.

FEB 2019, Appleton Church of Christ ResourcesWe have added this link to our page of links to other websites. A very large collection of booklets and lessons offered without charge and copyright free. links page.

FEB 2019, Is Jesus God? 12 Verses Say Yes(YouTube) This lesson simply presents 12 verses of scripture that clearly show the divinity or deity of Jesus, in other words that Jesus is God. We don't make any comment, but let the verses speak for themselves. Lesson Page

FEB 2019, A Time for Gifts(YouTube) This video is about the three marvelous gifts in Galatians 4:4-6. There are special times when people give gifts to each other to show their love. God also has a time for gifts and he wonderfully blesses humankind. Lesson Page

JAN 2019, Cherubim and Seraphim ExplainedThese notes explain the Cherubim (Cherubs) and Seraphim (Seraphs) that we encounter in the Bible. We ignore speculations and assertions that have no Biblical support.

JAN 2019, Upgraded PuzzlesWe have updated the series "Sermon on the Mount". The quiz and puzzle pages now have "show answer" buttons, and the pdf version shows answers (upside down).

JAN 2019, Grace and PowerA perspective on grace and power: the Messiah is mighty in government and law, majestic in glory and light, merciful in grace and love.

When Are Sins Washed Away?This lesson faces the question, When are sins washed away? In the process of conversion, at what point is one forgiven? We consider what Ananias said in Acts 22:16.

God’s Covenant with AdamDid God make a covenant with Adam? If so, did this covenant include both Adam and Eve and their descendants? Did the covenant exist before and after the fall? What was the nature of this “Adamic” covenant?

Is Belief in a Flat Earth Biblical?Some atheists say the Bible is a "flat earth book". They say this to discredit the Bible. But many professing Christians are also insisting that the Bible teaches a "flat earth cosmology". They say this to discredit modern science! The result is an undermining of people's assurance that the Bible is God’s word.

Seven More Attitudes in PrayerA further seven right attitudes of mind that make our prayers effective.

Notes on Breaking BreadThe New Testament uses the term “breaking bread” for the Lord’s Supper. It also uses the same term for a common meal. The term "to break bread" can have two different meanings. Scripture . makes a clear distinction between the two as separate activities.

Who Wrote the Bible and Why?This lesson is about the authorship, inspiration, and purpose of the Bible. Many human writers penned the collection of literature known as the Bible. However the LORD God is its real author, revealing his plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Where Was God at Creation?When God created the heavens and the earth, and everything in them, where was he? Was he in Heaven outside the Creation? Was he on earth within the Creation? Or is the answer both of those? To answer that question, we need to think about three attributes of God. He is everywhere; he is almighty; he knows everything.

Why Did Adam and Eve Disobey God?When we consider the sin committed by the first two humans, we are bound to ask, “Why did Adam and Eve disobey God? Why did they eat the fruit God had forbidden?” The answer is a combination of three things: decision, deceit, and desire.

Why Did God Make Humans?People look at the world and ask, “Why did God make humans?” They also look at themselves and ask, “Why did God make me?” These are deep and important questions about the creation of mankind. The Bible answers them for us. We are here on earth to be his children, to seek and worship him, and to be a source of his joy.

Prayer and SalvationThere are things we must do to be saved. We ought to do those things prayerfully. We ought to come to Christ obeying, but also come to Christ praying. Prayer is essential in the over‑all process of conversion to Christ.

Prayer and Staying SavedOnce saved, there are things we must do to stay saved. We ought to do those things prayerfully. We ought to continue obeying, but also continue praying. Prayer is essential in our way of life after conversion to Christ.

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