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Author: Ron Graham

Ministry Reports

Ron Graham’s Report
— for Jul-Aug-Sep 2016

This page reports my voluntary ministry activities for the information of those who take a special interest in my work.

Dear Brethren... This report covers the third quarter of 2016.

Preaching at Bundaberg

During July, August, and September 2016, I presented 13 Sunday lessons in Bundaberg. These included 7 sermons, and 6 Bible class studies. The sermons were a variety for encouragement and teaching. The class lessons were about “Bible Opposites” such as Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, Wisdom and Foolishness.

Preaching at Heidelberg West

Susanne and I were away from Bundaberg for four Sundays at the end of July. We visited the Heidelberg West church on those four Sundays, and I preached on one of them. While in Melbourne we were able to help family upon the birth of another grandchild.

New on Website

In the quarter, I added 14 more Bible study pages to the website. These included...

Other Website Work

During the quarter I attended to around 50 other tasks including page upgrades, fixing minor errors discovered, and a few small changes in the scripts.

Website Usage

The figures for page views (total of pages opened by visitors) continued to be high over the quarter: July 124,460; August 136,054; September 136,644 (source Awstats).

Touching the World

The outreach of is quite exciting. The power of the written word especially on the internet, is a great blessing to those of us trying to touch the world with the gospel.

As a current example, here is a list of countries and the numbers of times, over 16 days, someone in those countries opened a page on the website.

Note: This data is from Awstats, and covers the first 16 days of October 2016, just after the end of the third quarter 2016.

United States 42,812
Philippines 5,132
Great Britain 3,458
Australia 3,361
Nigeria 3,007
India 2,555
Canada 2,294
South Africa 1,870
Poland 1,263
Ghana 1,144
France 1,091
Singapore 1,021
Unknown 850
Kenya 813
Malaysia 680
China 572
Ukraine 561
Russian Federation 521
Germany 487
Brazil 425
United Arab Emirates 340
New Zealand 310
Japan 299
South Korea 278
Hong Kong 270
Other countries 6491

Near the top of the list, the usage in Australia is high for the size of our population, and although the Philippines has four times our population, it is encouraging to see a nevertheless considerable outreach there.

Thank You

Thank you for keeping on helping me in the Lord’s work and for your confidence in my work, especially the website, by means of which we reach out to many thousands of people. By sharing with me in the ministry you enable things that I could not possibly accomplish on my own.

Love and best wishes in Jesus.

  Ron Graham


Webservant Ron Graham

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