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Author: Ron Graham

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This page informs you about's social media pages, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Links to these media can be found at the bottom of every page of including this page. Also, if a side bar shows on your device, you will see four icons there linking to our social media

1 YouTube

(If searching YouTube, enter simplybible as one word.)

As the new year 2020 approaches, we are adding to our collection of half hour video Bible lessons. These are taken from the DVD archive of the videotapes distributed in the 1990s. One by one, these lessons are being edited and remastered as YouTube videos. The lessons are suitable not only for individuals, but also for Bible study groups and house churches.

Another archive, consisting of slide presentations, has been partly moved to YouTube with voice added. More of these will be included, God willing, as time goes by.

2 Facebook

This facebook page starts the year 2020 with over 4000 followers. We add short posts day by day, including links to lessons on, links to videos on YouTube, Bible verses with a short message, and posts from others which we think worth sharing.

3 Twitter

We use twitter for announcements of selected new lessons and videos, mainly for those who don't use facebook.

4 Pinterest

Several boards give you links to lessons on related to the board’s topic.

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