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—Selected Lessons

This selection of lessons is about apostasy. Christians, although certainly secure, nurtured, and protected, will not remain so unless we respond to God’s grace and diligently fulfill his conditions according to his purpose for us.

Solomon's Sin and SorrowFactors behind Solomon’s sin and fall from glory: his excess, his disobedience, his neglect, and his several faults.

The Kingdom DividedTen tribes rebelled against Solomon, and a second kingdom was formed with Solomon’s servant Jeroboam as king. This kingdom was apostate.

Perseverance of the SaintsCan a saved person cease to be saved and become lost again? The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints says “No.” Is that right or wrong?

The Possibility of ApostasyExamines the doctrine variously called Infallible Grace, Impossibility of Apostasy, Perseverance of the Saints, Eternal Security, Once Saved Always Saved.

Falling Away and False Teachers (1Tim 4)When a church is established, there is a passion for the truth. In later times, however, there comes a falling away.

The Dragon's FriendsAbout a splendid and heavenly woman of great glory in chapter 12, and an atrocious and disgusting harlot who rides on the Dragon in chapter 17.

Beware Which Gate You EnterOutlines the six portals through which the soul passes when making transitions or “journeys” between the states of the soul. This chart provides you with a simple introductory study.

Apostasy and its ConsequencesWhat is lost when one falls away from grace? What is the doom of those who fall?

Pressing On to PerfectionOn four occasions in the course of his letter, the writer to the Hebrews interrupts his teaching about Christ to exhort his hearers about their lack of diligence and their potential to backslide.


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