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—Selected Lessons

This selection of lessons is about attitude. There are good and bad attitudes. The Christian should develop the good attitudes toward life and toward God. The most important attitude is gratitude.

Thanksgiving LivingAn important part of prayer is thanksgiving. The Bible says thirteen surprising things about the gratitude attitude.

The Spiritual MindThe spiritually minded have superior desires, attitudes, values, priorities, and motivations than do the fleshly minded.

Spiritual WellbeingThe various elements of spiritual wellbeing and joy in Jesus are shown in an outline summary of the letter.

Seven Attitudes in PrayerA study of seven right attitudes of mind that make our prayers effective.

Sins of Attitudeabout four kinds of sin. These are sins of attitude, action, neglect, and intent.

The Four TitudesPractising latitude, gratitude, beatitude, and aptitude, builds our fortitude.


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