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Author: Ron Graham

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The Gospel
—Selected Lessons

This selection of lessons is about the gospel of Christ. The gospel is God’s power for salvation (Romans 1:16). The gospel reveals all the essentials. If we follow the gospel carefully and faithfully, then salvation is the certain result.

The Personal View of FaithThe baby faith one has in Jesus Christ when first obeying the gospel, develops into a full grown faith.

The Ancient Order (Analysis of the Gospel)Have hope, be assured, be loyal. God has guaranteed eternal life, given full evidence, and made Christ our all in all.

The Gospel is the PowerThree kinds of power in the gospel... the power to enlighten, to save, and to establish.

The Gospel According to the Old TestamentThis sermon outline presents the gospel using only the Old Testament scriptures.

Law and GospelAre the gospel and new covenant the same thing? Did Christ teach the Law or the gospel?

The Ministry of JesusIn his earthly ministry, Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom in the regions of the Jordan, Galilee, Judea, Samaria, and Perea. Includes a four-gospel summary of his ministry.

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