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—Selected Lessons

This selection of lessons is about hope. Only hell itself could be worse than having no hope and being without God in the world (Ephesians 2:12). “If we have hope... only in this life... we are most miserable of all people” (1Corinthians 15:19).

The Arrows of GodThe arrows of God are faith, hope, and love, these three. Each arrow needs a target, energy, and penetration.

Christ in You the Hope of Glory Our Place in the Family of God. First of the three glorious privileges that our association with Jesus Christ bestows upon us to give substance and assurance to our hope.

Perseverance of the SaintsCan a saved person cease to be saved and become lost again? The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints says “No”. Is that right or wrong?

A Hope Well FoundedA lesson about the solid foundation stones of our heavenly hope in Christ.

Daniel's HopeOutline on what Daniel wrote in Daniel 12:1-3. We see some of the elements that gave Daniel courage and hope.

Spiritual WellbeingA study in Philippians. The various elements of spiritual wellbeing and joy in Jesus are shown in an outline summary of the letter.

The Influence of HopeIf life is hopeless in our eyes we have nothing to encourage us and keep us going.

One Hope of Heaven (The 144,000)Examines the question of whether there are two groups of saved with two different hopes. Discusses the 144,000.

A Mansion for YouAn uplifting and reassuring study from John 14:1-6 about the promise of heaven.


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