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—Selected Lessons

This selection of lessons is about worshipping God in the right way. People sometimes expect God to be pleased with whatever “worship” they dish up to him. If it feels good to them, they think it will be acceptable to God.

What Did They Do Wrong?Nadab and Abihu made a fatal mistake. They were worshipping God, and God struck them dead. What did they do wrong?

Instrumental Music in WorshipDiscusses whether musical instruments (other than the human voice and heart) are allowable and desirable in Christian song worship. An exercise in applying scriptural authority.

A Sense of OccasionA study based on Nehemiah 8 regarding a sense of occasion in worship, including desire, decorum and doctrine.

Vain Worship Isaiah 29:13When Jesus quotes Isaiah 29:13 in Matthew 15:7-9, he uses the translation, “In vain do they worship me...” The verse in Isaiah reveals three elements of worship that make it vain.

A Pleasing SacrificeChristians are to offer pleasing sacrifices to God but not for sin. These include the sacrifice of praise (Hebrews 13:15-16).

Worship of the Third KindThe first and worst kind of worship is the hypocrite's. Popular worship is the second kind. The third kind is the only kind that Jesus valued (John 4:24).


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