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This selection of lessons is about suffering. Pain and suffering must be endured with the help of Christ. He suffered for us and he suffers with us. No matter how Satan afflicts us, we can overcome tribulation.

arrow Patience and SufferingSome of the personal passages from Paul’s writings make us wonder how he ever coped. If he had patience in his circumstances, then he is well qualified to be a mentor for us.

arrow How We May SufferLooks at the various sufferings of Paul, to help us understand how we too might suffer as Christians.

arrow Toward Our GoalTen principles for achieving any worthwhile goal, especially a Christian goal.

arrow Through Much Tribulation (Rev)We have been studying the “four horses of the apocalypse”and the four horsemen who rode them. They represent typical tribulations that human beings must continue to suffer until the end of the world. One human being, because he is the very Son of God, can lead us through all tribulations, even death.

arrow Bondage in EgyptSome of the timeless principles involved in the story of Israel’s troubled times. Their bondage in Egypt, like the story of Joseph’s ups and downs, is instructive for us when we too meet with trouble in our lives.

arrow False ExpectationsGod’s promises to answer our prayers and make all things work together for good. But don't misunderstand this, or you'll be disappointed.

arrow SERIES lessons on Tribulation

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