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Author: Ron Graham

Prayer and Providence

Ordinary Providence
—The usual way God blesses us

In an earlier lesson in this series, we touched on the manner in which God provides our needs. Now in this lesson we expand on those ideas.

1 At Times God’s Providence Is Miraculous

Some people don't believe in miracles at all. Others think every little blessing or coincidence is a miracle, and are not satisfied till they see a "miracle" every day. Some folk believe in miracles but would be surprised ever to see one themselves. Miracles are rare and special acts of providence, and we should respect them as such.

2 Sometimes God’s Providence Is Extraordinary

Occasionally amazing and unexpected things happen in answer to prayer. They are certainly not miracles, but nevertheless are most extraordinary events or strange coincidences. We cannot help but recognise supernatural intervention in the course of such events.

In the following stories, for example, there is no miracle. We have to acknowledge, however, that these events were quite extraordinary and that God was at work in them.

3 Mostly God’s Providence Seems Ordinary

If we were to recognise only the miraculous and extraordinary events as God's providence, we would seldom give God thanks for anything. We understand that even the good things that come to us daily, in the ordinary course of life, are the providence of God. For the most part this is the manner in which God blesses and cares for us.

Some people fail to recognise and appreciate God's providence in the ordinary course of life, and look for the extraordinary, or even miraculous. experiences, not being satisfied and grateful for the seemingly ordinary providence of God.

Short Quiz

1. How would the widow of Zarepath have regarded God’s providence through Elijah? (A) Miraculous, (B) Extraordinary, (C) Normal.

2. What did God provide for Apollos’s need? (A) A miracle, (B) An extraordinary chain of events, (C) An ordinary event.

3. Where should we look mostly for the providence of God? (A) In the ordinary course of life, (B) In remarkable coincidences, (C) In amazing miracles.

4. Which is the best mode of providence? (A) Ordinary providence, (B) Extraordinary, (C) A miracle, (D) Whichever God wishes.


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