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Author: Ron Graham


The Second Coming
—2Peter 3:1-18

This page completes the outline studies of Peter’s second epistle.

There will follow some further studies in 2nd Peter, but for this present lesson, we complete the outlining of the letter, coming now to chapter three which deals with the second advent of Jesus Christ when he will gather us up to the new heavens and new earth.

1 Preamble

2Peter 3:1-2

The first two verses repeat what Peter said in chapter one verses 12-14. Peter again states his reason for writing. Again he emphasises the need for us to "remember". Peter specifies the two sources to which we can refer to keep ourselves in mind of the things we believe...

With his previous condemnation of false prophets, and his exhortation to remember what we have been taught from the scriptures, Peter now goes on to teach about the second coming of Christ. This is a subject on which there are many errors, and Peter is aware that "mockers will come".

Here is Peter’s answer to those who deny or distort our faith and hope regarding the second coming of Christ...

2 Answering mockers

2Peter 3:3-10

In this wonderful passage, Peter lays down three arguments. First the argument of the mockers, then his rejoinder, and thirdly his answer to anyone who mockingly suggests God is running late...

3 What will happen when Jesus comes

2Peter 3:10-13

Peter describes the "day of the Lord" and in what manner it will come. He does not mention every event that will occur on that day, but concentrates on one aspect, the destruction of the earth by fire...

4 Awaiting Steadfastly

2Peter 3:11-18a

Peter’s teaching is not just information but exhortation. There are several points he makes about how we should conduct ourselves, and what our attitude should be, in view of the second coming of Christ...

5 Doxology

2Peter 3:18b

(Doxology means "words of praise")


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