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Author: Ron Graham


Three Things God’s Servant Does
—1st Peter 4:11

This lesson is one of my oldest sermons , yet its message is still very true and relevant. If you serve the Lord, I hope this lesson will help your ministry to be true and fruitful.

"If any man speaks, let him speak as it were the oracles of God. Whoever serves, let him serve as from the strength which God supplies, so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever. Amen." (1Peter 4:11).

1 God’s Servant Speaks as God Speaks.

star "...speak as it were the oracles of God..." (1Peter 4:11a).

A. Speak as the scriptures speak.

B. Speak as God’s representative.

2 God’s Servant Gains Strength from God.

star "...serve as from the strength which God supplies..." (1Peter 4:11b).

A. God's strength perfects our weakness.

B. God needs us though we are weak.

3 God’s Servant Gives Glory to God.

star "...that God in all things God might be glorified..." (1Peter 4:11c).

A. Make your whole life religious.

B. Set the whole world an example.


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