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Author: Ron Graham

Challenge and Change

Right and Wrong Judgment
—Judging and being judged

Jesus said, "Do not judge..." (Luke 6:37). But he also said, "Judge righteous judgment" (John 7:24).

Jesus wouldn't contradict himself, so there must be two kinds of judging, one that is wrong to do, and one that is right. It is our responsibility and challenge to cease judging wrongly, and to make right and proper judgments in all things.

1 Right Judgment

2 Wrong Judgment

3 Last Judgment

This is a sobering thought. When we are judging others, we must remember that we are accountable for our judgments to Jesus Christ who will judge us in the last day (2Timothy 4:1).

Note:— The above lesson simplifies a sermon from many years ago when it was normal to preach for the best part of an hour. I've cut it to less than 30 minutes and I think it remains a very good sermon on judgment. But you be the judge.


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