Author: Ron Graham

Six Steps

Are You Actually a Christian?
—Six Questions

In this and the next three lessons, we will be looking at the characteristics of a true Christian. We start by asking how one becomes a Christian in the first place.

Are you actually a Christian? If you cannot answer “yes” to the following questions, then you have not yet ACTUALLY become a Christian. You need to correct this.

1 Have You Heard?

Have you heard the gospel of Christ which you can read in the New Testament, rather than hearing those who teach something different?

Romans 10:17, Matthew 15:9

2 Have You Believed?

Have you believed that Jesus Christ was God manifest in the flesh and he is the Son of God?

Matthew 16:16, John 20:28, 1Timothy 3:16, John 3:16

3 Have you Repented?

Have you repented of sin, seeing that you are a sinner and have fallen short of the glory of God?

Romans 3:23, Acts 17:30-31

4 Have You Confessed Christ?

Have you openly confessed faith in Christ so that it is no secret that you are a believer in him?

Romans 10:8-10, Matthew 10:32-33

5 Have you been baptised?

Have you been baptised —immersed in water in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins by grace?

Romans 6:4, Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16

6 Are You Faithful?

Are you living faithful to the Lord, endeavouring to keep his commandments?

Revelation 2:10, Colossians 1:23 1John 2:5

Banana Parable

A banana is a yellow fruit that is good for you. But that isn't all that constitutes a banana. Otherwise a lemon would be a banana, because a lemon is a yellow fruit that is good for you.

A lemon does not have all the characteristics of a banana, therefore a lemon is not a banana

Some people have some of the characteristics of a Christian, but not all the characteristics that constitute a Christian. Therefore they are not Christians.

Examples of Conversion