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Author: Ron Graham

Jesus Changed My Heart

The Superstitious Heart
—Jesus Healed Me of All My Hurts

Added to the world's miseries, is the superstition and fear that plagues the world.

Many people long for a supernatural dimension to their lives. Some foolishly look for satisfaction among the superstitions.

The answer to the longing of your soul is found not in superstition, or the power of darkness, but in Jesus Christ the true God and in the power of his gospel (Romans 1:16-18).


Changing the Superstitious Heart

1 Distinguish Real from Fake

Skeptics will say that all belief in the supernatural is superstition. They will deny not only witchcraft, astrology, and messages from the dead, but also miraculous creation, angels, and the resurrection from the dead.

To deny superstition, and to expose the Devil's deception, is noble. But only a fool denies God, and repudiates his miraculous works.

Some people treat astrology, fortune telling, demonology, ouija boards, numerology, tarot cards, and such like, as harmless passtimes. Print and electronic media promote and popularise these things, creating moral and spiritual pollution.

Distortion of truth is the signature of Satan. He even falsifies his name. For example he has stolen the name "Lucifer" which means "Shining Star of the Day". In the Bible this title was applied with irony to the fallen king of Babylon (Isaiah 14:14). It requires fancilful interpretation to make this passage refer to Satan. Yet people happily call him "Lucifer" and the angel of darkness becomes (in name at least) an angel of light.

We must clearly distinguish the supernatural from superstition, truth from deception, God’s work from the Devil’s work. Then we can intelligently and consistently believe in the supernatural realities recorded in the Bible whilst not being deceived by astrology, channeling, palmistry, astral travel, and various practices of the so-called "new age".

2 Turn to God, Not Satan

When any of us turn to the supernatural, let us turn to God, not to the Devil and his works.

We are not interested in whether something is fakery or really magic. If it is of the Devil, then, whether real or fake, it is destructive. God's "magic" is far stronger than Satan's. The man possessed by Legion found it so (Mark 5, Luke 8:26-39). Simon the sorcerer found it so (Acts 8:9-13). Some travelling exorcists found it so (Acts 19:8-20).

3 Be Protected from the Darkness

When Jesus is invited into our hearts through faith in him and obedience to his will, then we are sealed with the Holy Spirit and become the possession of God (Ephesians 1:13-14). The powers of darkness have no hold on us; they cannot fascinate us. We hate and fight against them (Ephesians 6:10-18).


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