Author: Ron Graham

Seal of God

The Seal of God
—Index to Seventeen Principles

Our lessons on the Seal of God cover, in order, 17 principles about the promise, oath, and seal. These principles are listed below. Each principle is linked to the lesson that treats of it.

The 17 Principles

1. God Made a Promise

2. God's promise was confirmed by God’s oath

3. God's promise is guaranteed by God’s seal

4. God's oath was sworn to all the World

5. God's seal is for all who believe

6. The number of sealed equals the number of saved

7. All who are in Christ are sealed

8. The oath is distinct from the Seal

9. The seal is distinct from miraculous gifts

10. The seal is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit

11. The Spirit works with the word

12. The seal cannot be hindered or delayed

13. The seal cannot be broken

14. The seal of God is conditional

15. All the saints are sealed

16. Only saints are sealed

17. All the saved are saints