Author: Ron Graham

Glossary Simplybible

Word Study: Covenant

Word family: covenant

Synonyms: testament, testimony, law, will (bequeathing an estate),

Related ideas: mediator, blood, oath, commandments

Definitions: A covenant is a set of promises with rules and conditions, whereby an agreeable or profitable relationship may exist between two parties. A covenant can be the express will and testament of one party, by which the other party, if compliant, gains an inheritance.

God’s new covenant is a gracious law of promises, requiring obedient faith, mediated to all humans by God’s Son through his blood.

Greek References: diatheekee 1242 (Strong), cf 1303 diatithemai appoint


  The blood of the new covenant

  Mediator of the new covenant

  Old and new covenants compared

Comment: The old covenant mediated through Moses was never meant to be valid within itself. It was meant to foreshadow, and be dependent upon, the covenant to be mediated by Jesus Christ. The "seed" promise to Abraham, centuries before the law of Moses, was in fact a covenant in force which allowed people to be justified by faith. The law of Moses was "added" later, but justification did not come through that covenant, rather it continued to come through faith. The law and the prophets themselves proclaimed this.