Author: Ron Graham

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Word Study: Calling

Word family: Call, calling, called.

Synonyms: urging, pleading, inviting, summoning, vocation

Related ideas: election (being chosen), predestination, the Holy Spirit, the church

Definitions: God through the gospel of Christ invites sinners to come to him for forgiveness, and sinners through prayer plead with God for the same. Thus God calls man, and man calls upon God.

Greek References: kaleo to call, 2564 (Strong), kleesis calling, 2821,
cf parakleesis 3874 and parakleetos, Paraclete, 3875
cf ekklesia church, 1577


  The two callings

  People calling upon God

  God calling people

Comment: Calling is an important idea in the scriptures, whether it be God calling people by his word, or people calling on God through prayer. The helper in both these processes is the Holy Spirit, the “Paraclete” (He who is “called alongside” to help).