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Author: Ron Graham


Real Miracles
—Bible signs and wonders

We hear many stories and claims of miracles today. When we compare these with the miracles of the Bible, they are not found to be of Biblical standard.

Biblical miracles were real miracles undoubtedly. Look up and read the examples below, and compare them with what are loosely called "miracles" today.

Unsatisfactory Standard

Even Satan’s disciples can perform miracles (2Thessalonians 2:9-10). Those who love the truth will not be satisfied with miracles of the standard Satan performs.

True believers will desire miracles as powerful as those in the examples cited on this page. They would rather no miracles at all than miracles of a standard too low to be certain that they are truly from God. And that unsatisfactory standard, unfortunately, is the usual standard of miracles claimed as God’s work today.

Superior Standard

Miracles of the superior standard, seen in the examples below, are nowhere performed today by professing miracle workers. If we are to have miracles in God's name today, let them be real miracles not substandard counterfeits.

1 Interpreting Dreams

Daniel 2

No one today can tell dreams like Daniel did. Before interpreting another person’s dream, Daniel could describe the dream in detail without having to be told it

2 Casting Out Demons

Mark 5:1-17

No one today can exorcise devils like Jesus did. Jesus cast out a legion of demons and caused them to make two thousand pigs drown like lemmings.

3 Signs and Wonders

Mark 16:17-20

No one today can perform wonders like the disciples did. The followers of Christ performed many miraculous signs, including drinking deadly poison without harm.

4 Speaking in Tongues

Acts 2:1-11

No one today can speak in tongues like the apostles did. The apostles were able to speak to foreigners fluently in the foreigners’ own native languages, yet the apostles had never learned them.

5 Mind Reading

Acts 5:1-11

No one today can discern spirits like Peter did. Peter not only correctly read the evil minds of Ananias and Sapphira, but he was so sure of his accuracy that he felled them dead by uttering a few words.

6 Seeing Visions

Acts 22:6-9, Acts 9:1-7, Acts 26:12-15

No one today sees visions like the early Christians did. Paul not only saw a vision of Christ, but others with him were physically and unmistakably affected by the phenomena.

7 Healing

Acts 9:36-42

No one today can heal like Peter did. Even though an illness had killed Dorcas, Peter was able to cure her several hours after her death.

8 Predicting the Future

Acts 11:28, Acts 21:10-11

No one today can prophesy like Agabus did. Agabus not only predicted the future, but got his predictions 100% right.


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