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Author: Ron Graham


Miracles of Jesus
—Some amazing examples

This lesson is about the nature of true miracles and the divine power which Jesus demonstrated.

1 Feeding of the 5000

Showing his power over Creation and physical matter.

(Mark 6:31-44, 8:1-9)

In this miracle Jesus was able to turn food for one or two persons into food for a multitude. On one occasion he fed 5000, and on another 4000. He took a few loaves and a few fish and served them to thousands of hungry people who ate as much as they wanted with several baskets of scraps left over.

By thus feeding a multitude for a day, He shows himself to be Lord of creation, and we can believe that he is able to give life everlasting to all who seek it.

2 Casting out the Legion

Showing his power over Satan and the powers of darkness.

(Mark 5:1-20)

This account is a case of truth being stranger than fiction. The victim of demon possession by many demons is completely cured, at the expense of a herd of about 2000 swine. Through the insanity of the demons, the pigs rush into the sea and drown.

The demons recognised Jesus as the Son of the Most High God, and were helpless before him. By thus commanding the unclean spirits, Jesus shows that he will give victory over Satan to all who call on his name.

3 The raising of Lazarus

Showing his power over Physical death and hades.

(John 11:1-45)

Jesus loved his friend Lazarus, yet he had refrained from going to Lazarus's aid when he was sick, and he waited four days before going to the family even after Lazarus died.

It must not have been easy for Jesus to delay as he did, and he was visibly upset. However he was determined to give everyone a reason to know for certain that he has the power to raise up to everlasting life and joy, all who believe in him.

Jesus demonstrated the truth of his claim to be the resurrection and the life.

4 Healing of the man blind from birth

Showing his power over Misfortune and suffering.

(John 9:1-38)

Reminiscent of creation, when God formed man from the dust of the ground, Jesus makes new eyes with clay for a man born blind.

But the account has more to say about his compassion for the unfortunate and his concern for the attitudes of the spiritually blind towards misfortune and suffering in this world.

Jesus shows his power to bring light and joy to those who get a bad deal in this life.

5 Signs at the cross

Showing his power over Law —physical, religious, and metaphysical.

(Matthew 27:45-54)

Jesus shows his power over physical and natural law in the darkening of the sun, over religious law in the sundering of the temple veil, and over metaphysical law in the resurrection of the bodies of many saints. These miracles are studied in our next lesson "Miracles at Calvary".

Even as he dies for the world, Jesus demonstrates that truly he is the Son of God.

6 The resurrection of Jesus from the dead

Showing his power over apparent failure and disgrace.

(Matthew 28:1-10)

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead shows that his crucifixion was not failure, but a noble death, honoured by God as the perfect sacrifice for all the world.

God raised up Jesus and exalted him. Through the miracle of Christ’s resurrection, we are able to see his death as the successful fulfilment of God’s eternal purpose.

The resurrection of Christ is the crown of all miracles. It proves that he who lives and dies on earth can, through Christ, be raised up to live in heaven, never to die again.


Webservant Ron Graham

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