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Author: Ron Graham


Paul Discusses the Freedom of Faith.
—Outline of Romans 7 to 8

This page is an outline, for your reference, of Romans chapters 7 to 8. In these chapters Paul teaches us about freedom in Christ.

1 Freedom from the Law

The old law no longer binds (Romans 7:1-4)

This freedom from the old law is good (Romans 7:5-6).

Note:— The Letters in Stone. The law engraved in stone was the paradigm or pattern of all law that bound either Jew or Gentile. Generally speaking, what was true of the ten commandments would also be true of any God-given law, except for the Law of Christ (the new covenant or gospel).

This freedom from old law is necessary (Romans 7:7-13).

Note:— The Ultimate Sacrifice. The underlying strength of Christ’s law is his sacrifice on the cross. ¶“You have become dead to the law by the body of Christ. ~ Isn't Christ Jesus the one who died? Yes, and even better, the one who was raised. He is [now] at the right hand of God, [and there] he too intercedes for us” (Romans 7:4, 8:34).

2 Freedom from Sin

Free from condemnation (Romans 8:1-4).

Free from the flesh (Romans 8:5-13).

3 Freedom from Fear

In Christ we have no fear of the following... (Romans 8:14-39).


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