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Author: Ron Graham


Paul Discusses the Israel of God
—Outline of Romans 9 to 11

This lesson provides an outline, for your reference, of Romans chapters 9 to 11. In these chapters Paul teaches us about Israel’s relationship with God.

1 The Failure of Israel

Lament over Israel being lost (Romans 9:1-5)

God still has a people, an Israel (Romans 9:6-8).

God’s purpose and promise (Romans 9:9-24).

God’s success (Romans 9:25-33).

Why Israel failed (Romans 10:1-7).

2 Israel’s Second Chance

Restoring righteousness to Israel (Romans 10:8-21).

Grace for remnant who believed (Romans 11:1-6).

Condemnation for the rest who were darkened (Romans 11:7-10).

Gentile believers accepted in their place (Romans 11:11-16).

This illustrated by the husbandry of an olive tree (Romans 11:17-24).

3 Paul’s Summation

Paul's conclusion concerning Israel (Romans 11:25-32).

Doxology (Romans 11:33-36)


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