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Author: Ron Graham

Sermon on Mount

Seen By Men
—Matthew 6

Having completed our study of Matthew chapter 5, we now begin our study of Matthew chapter 6, the second of three chapters containing our Lord's Sermon on the Mount.

1 Religious Acts

Matthew chapter six begins with a warning to beware of doing good deeds before men to be seen by them.

Regarding the practice of our religion, Jesus uses at least four examples. In chapter five he had already used the example of taking one’s gift-offering to the altar. Now, in Matthew chapter 6, he talks about three more religious acts: giving alms, prayer, and fasting.

Jesus chose the examples of sin offerings, almsgiving, prayer, and fasting, because he was speaking mainly to Jewish people, and these activities were high on their list of things that a devout person should do.

We might make a somewhat different list, but the principles that Jesus taught still apply. They are true of any religious act.

The principles are these:

2 Outline of Matthew 6

Second part of the Sermon on the Mount
Theme Matthew Luke
Almsgiving 6:1-4  
Prayer 6:5-13 11:2-4
Forgiving 6:14-15  
Fasting 6:16-18  
Treasure in Heaven 6:19-21 12:33-34
Lust of the eye 6:22-23 11:34-36
God and money 6:24 16:13
Anxiety 6:25-34 12:22-31

3 Deep Thought

Deep Thought

These questions are for you to think about and discuss. Other parts of this lesson may help you with the answers.

1. Explain what it means not to let your left hand know what your right hand is doing (see verse 3).

2. In verse 7, Jesus recommends that our prayers be short. His example prayer is very short indeed. Is there any place for long prayers? Was the length of prayer Jesus’s main concern?

3. In verse 6, Jesus recommends that our prayers be in secret. Is there any occasion for praying in the presence of others? What is the value of praying alone and in secret?

4. Construct a simple, clear definition of these unusual words: (1) Mammon, (2) Alms, (3) Synagogues, (4) Hallowed.


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