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Author: Ron Graham

Isaiah Outline

Outline of Isaiah chapters 28, 29, 30, 31
—Warnings to Jerusalem

This lesson provides an outline of Isaiah chapters 28 to 31 for your reference. The complete outline of Isaiah is spread over several lessons.

1 Context Overview

In chapters twenty-eight to thirty-nine of Isaiah, Jerusalem is issued with a series of warnings,especially that their trust in Egypt as an ally is misplaced, and they should be trusting in God. These warnings are followed by encouragement, in the form of poems about the Messiah, "the King in his beauty." Next Isaiah warns all nations that they are accountable to God. Isaiah then tells the story of how God helped king Hezekiah in Jerusalem to save the city from destruction by Sennacherib king of Assyria. He then records how God extended Hezekiah’s life, and promised him that Jerusalem would not be destroyed until after his death.

2 Warnings to Jerusalem (Isaiah 28-29)

3 Help is Not in Egypt (Isaiah 30-31)


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