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Author: Ron Graham

Isaiah Outline

Outline of Isaiah chapters 49, 50, 51
—Poems of Hope

This page provides an outline of Isaiah chapters 49, 50, and 51. The complete outline of Isaiah is spread over several lessons.

1 Context Overview

Chapters forty to fifty-one of Isaiah deliver a series of messages to Judah and the remnant of Israel. Isaiah looks into the next two centuries. He sees beyond the Babylonian captivity to the fall of Babylon, and even predicts that Cyrus king of Persia will return the captives to Jerusalem to rebuild it. Chapters 49 to 51 contain especially strong messages of encouragement and hope.

2 Hope on the Horizon

Throughout Isaiah there are intense messages of hope amid all the tribulations and failures. In these encouragements, Isaiah looks beyond his time to the coming of the Christ, and even beyond that to the second coming and the eternal kingdom. Chapters 49 to 51 are typical of such messages.

Isaiah's poetry is very powerful. To our ears it may sound repetitive and overly laden with symbolic imagery. However, if we can escape our own cultural mindset for a while, and let ourselves be transported to Isaiah time and vision, we will find great beauty and hope in his poems, and in them we will find not dead history, but a glorious future in which we ourselves participate. The Babylonian captivity is a type or foreshadowing of bondage in sin. The fall of Babylon is a type of the destruction of Satan’s kingdom of darkness. Isaiah's poems look beyond the shadow. They forsee both type and antitype.

Isaiah 49 to 51


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