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Author: Ron Graham

History of IsraelTimes of Israel series

David’s Adventures
—And this second king’s success

Time ~ 5. Kingdom of David
Span ~ 120 years
Books ~ 2Samuel, 1Kings, 1Chronicles, Poetry
Figures ~ Saul, David, Solomon
Begins with ~ The people of Israel seek a king

This lesson looks at the time in which David, not yet king, grows in power and popularity among the people.

1The Main Point

Behind this story is contrast between the heart of Saul, and the heart of David. Saul is filled with envy and self-pity, whilst the heart of David has only love, forgiveness, and a spirit of reconciliation. Saul is destroyed by his own evil heart whilst David must endure the long tribulation that Saul's jealousy causes him. Evil hearts not only destroy themselves, but also hurt badly those who should be among their loved ones.

2 Saul Pursues David

David is not yet king. However he grows in power and popularity among the people. The people have a song they sing, " Saul has slain his thousands, And David his tens of thousands". King Saul is envious and furious, and he sets out to kill David. However, Saul's son Jonathan loves David very deeply and he helps David avoid Saul's plots and traps. David has opportunities to kill Saul, but he spares his life and tries to be reconciled to him. Saul makes peace occasionally, but it is never long before Saul's heart turns against David again.

So there is a long saga of Saul's pursuit of David, and David's escapes from Saul. Through it all, David manages to keep together a personal army and wins several victories for Israel, while Saul loses the plot completely and is unpopular, unsucessful, and eventually commits suicide.

3 Bible Summary (1 Samuel 17-31)

4 A few facts about David


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