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Author: Ron Graham

History of IsraelTimes of Israel series

Daniel’s Adventures
—And his likeness to Joseph

Time ~ 7. Exile and Scattering
Span ~ 200 years
Books ~ Jer, Lam, Eze, Dan, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Obadiah, [Joel]
Figures ~ Jeremiah, Daniel
Begins with ~ Wars upon Israel and Judah
Ascendant empire ~ Babylon

Last lesson focused on Jeremiah, the prophet who was left with the remnant in Jerusalem after the Babylonians overthrew the kingdom of Judah and led most of its people into exile. But those who captives in Babylon also had a prophet in their midst, namely Daniel. This lesson is about him.

1 Daniel’s Devotion

Daniel is another example of complete faith and devotion toward God. From simple things like abstaining from meat so as to avoid eating anything unclean (according to Mosaic law), to the big issue of putting his life on the line, Daniel never wavers. In a world where it is demanded that astrology, magic, and idolatry be followed, Daniel refused and kept on following the true God.

2 Daniel Like Joseph

Daniel was among the first exiles to be deported to Babylon, and he was only a boy at the time. Daniel is like Joseph: through tribulation, remaining devoted to God, he rises to power in a heathen empire where astrology and idolatry is the way of life. Centuries before, God had placed his young servant Joseph in the court of Pharaoh in idolatrous Egypt.

Through many black moments and marvelous turns of events, Joseph rose to a position of great influence and authority in Egypt. Now God does the same thing in Babylon with his servant Daniel. He helps Daniel through trials, and he gives to Daniel the same miraculous power to interpret dreams.

3 Bible Summary (Daniel 1-9)

4 A few facts about Daniel


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